Sunday, 9 November 2008

Stroll around Shadwell

I took a tour of one of the most densely Bangladeshi populated corners of London. It ranged from the back alley of East London Mosque to all the way to Shadwell. Not surprisingly there was plenty of road signs to take snaps. In fact they are so many that if I take them all then I guess even Flickr will overload :). Still I took whatever I could do in half hour. Here they comes!

Here's excellent example of butterfly effect. Nazrul finished his life with his undying love of 'Ogo bideshini'. Here it goes in foreign land a proper school in his name.

Here's a closer look into the matter. The fact though where we go we really have to mess things up! Damn it!

This is one of the demonstration of older businesses who opted back in the days to make use of Bengali to lure some local crowd through the door. Even when Bengali typefaces wasn't readily available. So hand come handy :)

A long shot to the chapel pharmacy.

"Carom Board and Mura pawa jay"

Here's demonstration of the newer trend. A very well organized full fledged business which has brought back powerful brand name from Bangladesh. Banoful is a very popular sweet franchise all over Bangladesh and they used their exposure to open up a business in London. Hope it does good against Ambala

Real sweets inside ! Yummy!
Ball games are not really welcomed around the streets of London. If you wanna play ball go in a cage and have a death match! But don't smash our windows! the're too precious.

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