Thursday, 27 November 2008

Just another Dutch Bangla

Great thing about running a online bookshop is that you get to know of a lot of people whom you'd have never imagined. Over the past few years I had the opportunity to come close to a very interesting person who is all over Bangladeshi food and cooking. Although never visited Bangladesh he knows the food, vegetables and spices very particularly and too opportunity to grow a few of them by himself as well. It was a pleasure to provide him with some indigenous cooking of Bangladesh.
He was very kind enough to respond to my distress signal for Bengali billboards. He managed to find out this very interesting Dutch Bangla supermarket, which he himself made his regular destination. What a surprise!
I'm sharing the photos with you as well. Keep sending Global Bangladeshi Footprint from all over the place.
By the way, we've Dutch Bangla bank as well in Bangladesh. The first bank to take ATM to masses. I bank with them too. Love their service :)

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Bengali Tigerz said...

Dutch-Bangla Supermarket! Never would have expected such a name. How did the name actually come about?