Saturday, 29 August 2009

Bangla Food is No problemo

Although we crave for fatty American fast food our own home grown cooking is unparallel in taste in many ways. That is reflected by the numerous food outlet in UK ran by Bangladeshi owners and workers.

So no wonder in the heart of desert land as well we would look for some rice and fish. Good news is someone wont have to look around too much as there is plenty of hotels and cafes other places to eat out in Mecca as well for Bangladeshis. I’m attaching a couple of typical example where the name is in Bangla, English and Arabic. Also interesting to watch the menu is given in multilingual format as well.

Now eat your heart out and show your wallet!
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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Makkah Mukarrama is all Bangla

Sorry everyone had been busy for other stuff for a while. I had the rare opportunity to visit the greatest two islamic cities of Makkah and Madinah. No surprise the whole county is flooded with abundence of economy Bangladeshi labourer. As well as there is a thriving business community as well as a select few professionals in education, health and construction sector as well. as a whole the Bangladeshi community is a self sustaining one and there is proof aplenty everywhere. I was staying at the area of Misfalah where no one would say it's any different from any odd neighborhood of Dhaka. Only difference is some signs are in arabic too :) I'd try to give out brief commentry on the bottom of each picture as well

This is the famous Dhaka saloon. The only one unique on the crowd of Pakistani ones
If you look really sharp you may read out super tailors in bangla

Same goes for Century tailors as well
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