Monday, 26 January 2009

This is a Red Hot Post

The use of bangla is quite at large, especially in the UK. Because of the large bengali speaking community and because of their common lack of English skills, the local govt is bound to provide necessery information in the language of their choice. As a result although there is a large community of Gujrati speaking community Bangla always gets the preference.

Here's one fire safety leaflet I picked up from our local mosque. Qutie good stuff. Sharing with all of ya.

Enjoy! But hope you never have to use it :)

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

More of Dutch Bangla

Hey folks! Your remember my friend from Netherlands who sent those brilliant photos of a Bangladeshi departmental shop from Netherlands? Guess what! He's got more photos. As it's said a good customer service is always paid off.

Enjoy the shots! Send more photos from all around the world :)

Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Road Day & Night

Here's couple of snaps I took the other day on my way to cannon street.

This one is the front porch of a Lettings agency that has it's name in English, Bangla and some wired language, Russian I guess? What the hell is Russian is doing in E1? Has the world gone mental? I wish someone could explain. It's not Alaska :) We cant see Russia from here

Night shot on cannon street. Money transfer agency promoting great rate and quick remittance.