Friday, 29 August 2008

Singapore in tune with Bangla

bangla writing on a bus
i assume it was a tourist bus. i went by myself to take some last minute pics of the merlion... as i turned a little while snapping away, i saw this. and my heart jumped. bangla! on a bus! i could've screamed.

bangla in mustafa shopping centre
serangoon plaza, sgp... the joy of seeing such flashy, huge bangla letters in a foreign land!

more bangla in mustafa
rear of serangoon plaza

Me friend lives in Sydney. She had to be in Singapore for a few months to do her higher course. She came back with a stick load of shots. After a number of hot and soft threats she just sent me a few snaps of Bangladesh. Enjoy the massive billboard of Singtel in the famous Mustafa Shopping Center. I've quoted whatever she's written in her own page.

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