Tuesday, 2 December 2008

A fuller picture of Bangladeshi New York

As I mentioned earlier a few posts earlier that a friend of mine managed to get some ghost shot of Bengali capital of USA. Here is how they look in the daytime. The big apple had been favorite destination as a starting point for almost all the alien nations making their roots to the wild west. The matter of fact same applied for the Bangladeshi community.

To all my surprise I found someone who had taken the trouble of taking detailed photograph of Bangladeshi community of New York especially of everyone's favorite hang around Jackson Heights. With his permission I'm sharing some of the photos with you lot as well. I'm giving the link to his flickr stream and his blog as well. Quite a few interesting stories to be told as well.

Mr. Elyaqim Mosheh Adam writes regularly in his blog http://elyaqim.blogspot.com/ where I found quite a few very interesting articles and his flickr profile can be accessed from this link. I would like to thank him again for permitting to share his work with others.

Rundown shop for Halal Meat & Fish

We cant survive without fish. or can we?

We get sick of leaving Bangladesh and call it sick. So here's the place :)

Or can we forget the unforgettable Farmgate ?

We need an Arong at evrey corner of the world.

And our own plaza to walk around and relax

Here's one regular grocery shop for day in day out shopping

Oh! what about Alauddin? we need that too!

Photos from: http://www.flickr.com/people/elyaqim/


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