Friday, 10 August 2007

Bobby of Brick Lane

Brick Lane, The famous curry street! This tiny back-road was never known as the best part or the best behaved part of London. Let it be the tauts shouting for another customer in front of the curry places or in the recent past heaven of breweries and pubs.

I guess the police force of Brick Lane branch has to a heck of a job to keep the things under control. No surprise that they don't have enough time to look after themselves. This photo here is the notice board in front of Brick Lane police station. If you have a look into the closer shot, you will see that it has tried to simulate Sylheti with Bengali writing, on the same way one of the lines are flipped. Although no one seems to be bothered about it.


Steve Middleton said...

Hi - just passing through & visiting someone else who lives in East London

Steve Middleton said...

Thanks for responding to my comment. You said your blog had limited interest - but for those of us 'Eastenders' who like living in a diverse community the point of view of the Bangladeshi is always important to know!