Monday, 30 June 2008

Sleuth on Flickr

It's amazing how much stuff people do upload over the Internet these days. As you can see not much is happening for the blog for quite some time. So instead of personal contacts I had to resort flickr which is the largest photos sharing website at the moment. First 10 minutes were quite infertile but after that when I started to go more specific and more acute, tonnes of goodies started to unearth. From Singapore to Spain to Germany to everywhere. I've so much stuff that it should be able to self sustain the blog for months. ha ha ha

I think I'll update the posts sometimes unless there is a tonne comming at one go but let me give it a start for now
Old and mysterious port city singapore always attracted flock of bangladeshi workers for the high dimand of workforce. Apparently they managed to name a little square on their roots.

Please visit the original page for quite a bit of additional information on Al-Huda bangla market

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