Saturday, 29 August 2009

Bangla Food is No problemo

Although we crave for fatty American fast food our own home grown cooking is unparallel in taste in many ways. That is reflected by the numerous food outlet in UK ran by Bangladeshi owners and workers.

So no wonder in the heart of desert land as well we would look for some rice and fish. Good news is someone wont have to look around too much as there is plenty of hotels and cafes other places to eat out in Mecca as well for Bangladeshis. I’m attaching a couple of typical example where the name is in Bangla, English and Arabic. Also interesting to watch the menu is given in multilingual format as well.

Now eat your heart out and show your wallet!
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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Makkah Mukarrama is all Bangla

Sorry everyone had been busy for other stuff for a while. I had the rare opportunity to visit the greatest two islamic cities of Makkah and Madinah. No surprise the whole county is flooded with abundence of economy Bangladeshi labourer. As well as there is a thriving business community as well as a select few professionals in education, health and construction sector as well. as a whole the Bangladeshi community is a self sustaining one and there is proof aplenty everywhere. I was staying at the area of Misfalah where no one would say it's any different from any odd neighborhood of Dhaka. Only difference is some signs are in arabic too :) I'd try to give out brief commentry on the bottom of each picture as well

This is the famous Dhaka saloon. The only one unique on the crowd of Pakistani ones
If you look really sharp you may read out super tailors in bangla

Same goes for Century tailors as well
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Monday, 26 January 2009

This is a Red Hot Post

The use of bangla is quite at large, especially in the UK. Because of the large bengali speaking community and because of their common lack of English skills, the local govt is bound to provide necessery information in the language of their choice. As a result although there is a large community of Gujrati speaking community Bangla always gets the preference.

Here's one fire safety leaflet I picked up from our local mosque. Qutie good stuff. Sharing with all of ya.

Enjoy! But hope you never have to use it :)

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

More of Dutch Bangla

Hey folks! Your remember my friend from Netherlands who sent those brilliant photos of a Bangladeshi departmental shop from Netherlands? Guess what! He's got more photos. As it's said a good customer service is always paid off.

Enjoy the shots! Send more photos from all around the world :)

Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Road Day & Night

Here's couple of snaps I took the other day on my way to cannon street.

This one is the front porch of a Lettings agency that has it's name in English, Bangla and some wired language, Russian I guess? What the hell is Russian is doing in E1? Has the world gone mental? I wish someone could explain. It's not Alaska :) We cant see Russia from here

Night shot on cannon street. Money transfer agency promoting great rate and quick remittance.

Monday, 29 December 2008

English Getting Politically Bengali

Today's a new day for Bangladesh as yesterday there had been an election after 7 years to mark the dawn of a new government to rule Bangladesh. Not to mention things are gonna remain the same the wolves would take a different skin to rule over the flock of sheep.

I'd been thinking of putting a few pics on use of Bengali in UK politics. Few months back it was mayor election for London and the battle heated up quite a bit. This was one of the bilingual posters that I picked up from a Bangladeshi dominated mosque. Explaining all the good reasons for voting Mayor in charge Ken Livingstone for the progress of minority, Muslims and London.

No wonder the new mayor of London is doing exactly opposite of his former mayor and undoing most of his policies. Politics! it never changes.

This photo is for the office of Labour party for Bethnal Green and Bow. The writing in the billboard is in English, Somali and Bengali. Representing the large concentration of the later two ethnic minority. Here's twist as well :) at the time of national election, the old multilingual signboard dissapeared all of a sudden and it sported a english one and after the election the old style came back with a new board.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

A fuller picture of Bangladeshi New York

As I mentioned earlier a few posts earlier that a friend of mine managed to get some ghost shot of Bengali capital of USA. Here is how they look in the daytime. The big apple had been favorite destination as a starting point for almost all the alien nations making their roots to the wild west. The matter of fact same applied for the Bangladeshi community.

To all my surprise I found someone who had taken the trouble of taking detailed photograph of Bangladeshi community of New York especially of everyone's favorite hang around Jackson Heights. With his permission I'm sharing some of the photos with you lot as well. I'm giving the link to his flickr stream and his blog as well. Quite a few interesting stories to be told as well.

Mr. Elyaqim Mosheh Adam writes regularly in his blog where I found quite a few very interesting articles and his flickr profile can be accessed from this link. I would like to thank him again for permitting to share his work with others.

Rundown shop for Halal Meat & Fish

We cant survive without fish. or can we?

We get sick of leaving Bangladesh and call it sick. So here's the place :)

Or can we forget the unforgettable Farmgate ?

We need an Arong at evrey corner of the world.

And our own plaza to walk around and relax

Here's one regular grocery shop for day in day out shopping

Oh! what about Alauddin? we need that too!

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